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 My Project of Passion…
   I’ve always loved donating to a cause, however, it can be overwhelming as there are so many causes out there. Everyone know cash is king…right? My husband and I would donate to multiple foundations every year, yet something just kept bugging me.  I guess everyone wonders where the cash goes or what does it get used for.
   In the summer of 2017, my mom was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoma Leukemia.  It felt surreal as if it wasn’t happening. Everyone hears about cancer, worries about someone getting cancer, but never does it happen to you, right? Wrong… You see, my mom took it like a champ as she owned that diagnosis and forged through the aggressive treatment(s).  The days turned in weeks, then weeks rolled into months and I experienced first-hand what the real under belly of cancer treatment did to our loved one.  During one the many hospital stays with my mom, I began to notice a lot of people going through treatment(s) that did not have visitors, receive get well cards, or even a home-made memento to remind them they weren’t alone.
   When we knew my mom would be staying at the hospital for her weekly chemo treatments, I decided to make her a double-sided fleece blanket. Since my mom was always cold, I wanted to make sure was warm  overnight as the hospital can be very cold at times. She took the blanket with her every time and the nurses always asked where she got it.
   From this, an idea arose! I reached out to a Convent in Mendham that had older Sisters and inquired if anyone needed a fleece lap blanket, to cover their knees on those extra chilly days.  To my surprise, 6 lovely Sisters reached out saying they needed them.  After I was finished with them, I dropped off the blankets and received a positive response which made me feel so good!  I even received a thank you letter from all of them saying how warm the blankets were.
   Due to the positive feedback, another idea popped into my head! What about the dogs in shelters? Therefore, I decided  to reach out to a wonderful young woman who volunteers for a local dog rescue who informed me of a  dog who was recently surrendered, was pregnant and they needed blankets. As a result, I was able to sew together a couple of blankets for them and dropped them off.
   During this time, my mom finished her last Chemotherapy treatment and her scans came back negative with no signs of cancer and she was considered “in remission!”  This was wonderful news and we all were overjoyed.  That same day we got that news, we noticed a large lump on the back of my pup’s leg from which the test results came back as cancer. Both my husband and I knew something was wrong with our precious little pup Boots.  Sadly, one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make was to send her across the rainbow bridge. I still can’t even talk about it because it upsets me so much. However, in the darkness of grief there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You never get over losing the person or dog you love, you just learn to cope with it better.  
   Losing Boots reminded me the life sucks sometimes… But, when someone thinks of you and does an act of kindness and it resonates with you, life seems a bit better. I thought, maybe, if I can make someone smile and make their day better, that person will pay it forward and we can start spreading kindness through the world.  I know I can’t change everyone, however, if I can make a least one person smile, then it’s worth it.
My Project of Passion is making someone smile one stitch at a time... 


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Thank you for Visiting and again, I am  truly humbled by everyone who has reached out and supported my mission!